Connecticut Children at risk of Trampoline Injury

Spring is here and from Greenwich, to Bridgeport to New Haven, Connecticut, we are outside and loving it. However, with outdoor activity comes risks of serious personal injuries to children that are both obvious and not so obvious. “Go outside and play,” we tell them over and over. No more computer, texting, instant messaging, “wii”ing. The kids are bouncing off the walls, but they should not be bouncing on a trampoline, ever, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

My own kids have been begging for two things for several years. First is a dog. We are 4-1 on this one, with the one “no” vote being my wife, who insists she will be the one soley in charge of all dog care (she is quite right, and therefore, she wins this one). Second is a trampoline. We are 3-2 on this one, where both my wife and I agree that we will not have one (we even rejected a neighbor’s offer of a free one last year-his kids no longer used it). We have both seen firsthand the serious injuries that children can suffer while on a trampoline.

Injuries to children from jumping on a trampoline are not only common, they are quite often serious enough to change a child’s life forever, without warning, and without the child doing something wrong, without there being a defect in the manufacture of the trampoline and can even happen when there is proper parental supervision.

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