Seymour, Connecticut Teen Loses License after Bus Collision

The Seymour, Connecticut Teen driver who crashed into a school bus has lost her driving privileges. Because she was in violation of the Connecticut teen driver laws restricting the number of passengers in her car while in the early stages of her driving career, the teen driver who crashed into a busload of children has had her license suspended.

As the parent of a near teenager, I make sure to monitor my son’s whereabouts at all times. As he approaches the age when he may be in someone else’s car, potentially a newly licensed teen driver, I anticipate many discussions about what is permitted, and what must be avoided at all costs. As he, and later, his younger siblings, reach driving age, I hope that these early warnings will stay with him, and them, in their driving habits.

Parents: Be sure to have proper and adequate automobile insurance in place on your vehicles. A review of your policy with your agent or insurance representative is essential when you have a new driver of your cars. If you are unclear about what these coverages mean, or have a claim that you need to discuss, speak to an experienced personal injury attorney for answers to liability questions, and what you should expect from your insurance agent or representative. Specifically, ensure that your liability coverage is high enough to protect your own assets if your car is involved in an accident that is deemed your child’s fault (or anyone else driving your car). Imagine facing a claim or being sued for such an accident and learning, too late, that your coverage is not enough because your child struck a school bus full of children, and each was injured, and looking to you and your policy for coverage. If that coverage is insufficient, they can also look to your personal assets for compensation. It may be a bit more expensive, but having piece of mind where automobile liability is involved is worth the price. This is especially so because of the high number of accidents involving teen drivers.

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